The Sound Art 23 Staff is composed by highly skilled technicians and an artistic and organisational team with great experience in dubbing and post-production. Our technical and organisational staff has a good knowledge of English and a friendly open-minded approach. Whether you are recording ADR or working on the audio of your project, you will always find guidance and support from our in-house team.

We also work with freelance editors and sound engineers for specific projects and can create the perfect team for each project.

For our dubbing projects, we work with the top dubbing directors and voice-over artists, aiming to find the perfect voice match for the actor and character we are voicing.

Our dialogue adaptors and translators have a long-standing experience in the field and we supervise and quality control all our scripts so that nothing gets “lost in translation”.

Mixing engineer Valerio Brini and managing director Marzia dal Fabbro with Diane Keaton

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