ico - The Party

The Party

The Party is a 2017 British black comedy film written and directed by Sally Potter.

Director: Sally Potter


Adventure Pictures

Great Point Media

Length: 71 minutes

Distribution: Academy Two

Italian edition and dubbing: CDL

Sound Studio: Sound Art 23

Dubbing director: Marzia Dal Fabbro

Dubbing assistant: Andrea Standardi

Sound engineer: Pietro Patriarca

Mixer: Valerio Brini

Characters and voices:

Bill: Franco Zucca (Tomothy Spall)

Janet: Emanuela Rossi (Kristin Scott Thomas)

April: Liliana Sorrentino (Patricia Clarkson)

Gottfried: Bruno Alessandro (Bruno Ganz)

Martha: Fabrizia Castagnoli (Cherry Jones)

Jinny: Chiara Colizzi (Emily Mortimer)

Tom: Emiliano Coltorti (Cillian Murphy)


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